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Local Eats Challenge Potluck

I had a wonderful time this past Saturday at the Kamloops Public Produce Project Potluck (say that 5 times quickly!), held at noon in this community group’s downtown garden at 121 Victoria Street.

Naming the winners seems secondary to the passion for sustainable and freely available food demonstrated by this group. There were many laughs and I was fed very well (even was urged to go for thirds! I never say no.) Without further ado, here are the prize-winners, as judged by master gardener Elaine Sedgman:

1st Place for Berrysweet Beancakes with Peach Ketchup went to Erin Edwards

2nd Place for Vegetable Celebration Stew went to Ann-Marie Hunter

3rd Place for Applesauce went to Patrick (argh, why didn’t I get the name spelling!) Trunson (?)

I tried all the dishes and each had a bright quality not present in food shipped from far away. I judge this potluck on my top-five best potlucks attended by yours truly.

The Kamloops Public Produce Project has gardens at 121 Victoria Street and at McDonald Park. The produce in these gardens are free to the public! For more info on their projects visit http://publicproduceproject.blogspot.ca/ or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kamloops-Public-Produce-Project/148674125190580

Photos above:

i My potluck plate with all dishes present (there were no disposables at this meal - all glass and metal utensils provided by the Project peeps!)

ii Elaine Sedgman, master gardener and potluck judge

iii Berrysweet Beancakes with Peach Ketchup

iv Vegetable Celebration Stew

v Applesauce

vi Lemon-Garlic Rainbow Chard

vii Bean Cucumber Tomato Salad

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