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Bellringer Espresso Bus

This gorgeous food truck has set up shop at the Kamloops Saturday Farmer’s Market (7:30am - Noon) as well as the Sunday Tranquille Farm Fresh Market until the end of the season. I caught them at the downtown Farmer’s Market and tried the Piglet (a kid’s size ham and cheese grilled sandwich with pickles and ketchup for $4.50), Cherry Ice Cream ($2) and a 12 oz latte ($3.50). All were deelish (Mr. Smithey who can find fault in anything food-related said the latte was the best he’s had since moving to Kamloops). 

There are also some new menu items not included in the menu boards pictured below. These include the Bellringer Dessert Sandwich (think french toast dressed to the nines for $7), Stick Piggies (bourbon pork cinnamon buns for $7), and for breakfast from 8:30am to 10am: Greek Honey Yogurt Parfaits ($4.50) and Autumn Hash ($8, add chorizo and bacon for $1 more).

Seriously folks, check them out! You might recognize owners David and Debora Burgess (founders of The Grind Coffeehouse & Roasterie).

One more thing…I believe I saw table seating in the back of the bus. I’m not sure if these were open to the public, but it would be worth asking when you go.

You can reach the Bellringer Espresso Bus on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BellringerEspressoBus bellringer food menu

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