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Kamloops Project 2012

Thanks to the recently debuted Kamloops Project, I was able to discover how this city experienced February 29th, our extra leap day this year.

Here for some of my favourites:

  • Allan Chan’s thespian fingers.
  • Ann-Marie Pankratz and her friend Sophie, who is a Picardy Spaniel.
  • Bob Lewis’ Juniper Ridge sunset.
  • Ron Kerpan’s carvings.
  • Bruno Mazzotta’s stirring narrative.
  • CFJC TV’s futuristic control room.
  • Christine Lee’s library-chic workspace.
  • Terra Restaurant’s jam jar cheesecakes.
  • Dennis Oomen’s preservation of Kamloops First Nations history.
  • Ed Windsor’s funnel cake (which transformed me into a green-eyed monster)
  • Gerry McRae’s surreal agenda.
  • Jim Hepburn’s KDN steampunk boiler.
  • Joy Gothard and her Mum celebrating Mardi Gras.
  • Kami the Fish - see through his eyes! (photographed with water-proof camera)
  • Mel Rothenburger’s conjuring of a magical mirror orb as John DeCicco looks on.
  • Michael Saat’s science fiction city-scape.
  • Royal Inland Hospital Kitchen gave us a glimpse into operations feeding RIH, Hillside Centre, Ponderosa Lodge, and Meals on Wheels.

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